Welcome to Rowit!

Rowit Devices;

1. Prep/build age 4 & up for high school crew/rowing & winning a college's row scholarship.

2. Recruit & build unused muscle so as to be added speed/strength edges for any sport.


Briefly put, only Rowit offers:

1. All age 4-wheel rowcars that prep muscle to row on water.

                  (Race/train solo or on a team per 14 weight-classes.)

2. Devices building Speed/Power/Agility, proved by doing (before/after) drills

                  (based on pre-1970 NFL/MLB/NHL/NBA drill fixtures discontinued for safety.)

3. The unused-muscle-recruiting drill-sport, R3 Racing:

                   A. Run-Push a rowcar.

                   B. Row.

                   C. Olympic Rope Climb.

(Other prize events include: 1. Row & throw at target. 2. Row & bar-bell-tow.)

*Rowit center signs will state, "Before rowing on water, take a swim course at, e.g.,YMCA".

**See page with list of activities, & page with video.

Rowcar Rowing has many more benefits than the

Olympic/College/high school sport of Crew/Rowing:

In summary, Rowit's missions are to:

1. Prep then build crew/rowing athletes.

2. Let R3 Racing also showcase rower's multi-sport ability.

3. Offer other patent-pending devices that: